Finding a Day Trading Community


This is probably the most difficult task of all. There is so much marketing BS out there. How do you know who to trust? Which are the best services? or Who is in it for themselves?

I researched this aspect most out of all. It took me a very long time to find the right service. I have watched countless DVDs, looked through many reviews, sifted through forums, watched 100s of videos on YouTube etc. I eventually settled for Investors Underground. The first time I became aware of this service I had already been researching and studying the stockmarket for 18 months. I came across the beginners lessons on YouTube from these guys and thought they were very good. The full playlist can be found here.

After having a look over their website and eventually signing up to some free videos, Sean emailed me. I must of sent him crazy with questions. After a week or so of back and forth emails I decided to join. I subscibed to the quarterly IU Elite subscription. This gave me access to Nate’s daily scans, access to the 3 chatrooms, webinars, trade recaps and video lessons. I’m going to be completely honest the first couple of weeks in the IU chatroom was a little intimidating. I didn’t send any comments or anything I just had the chat open while I was trading and trying to follow along with what they were all doing. I had a fairly good understanding of the different setups but I was having a lot of trouble knowing when to enter trades.

Eventually I got frustrated with it and almost left. Luckily I reached out to Cam before I did and he suggested I watch the DVDs. My first thought was here we go now I have to spend more money. Up until this point I had already spent upwards of $4000 on my education, when was it going to end? I am so glad I got the DVDs though, I have watched 100s if not 1000s of videos on YouTube, I have watched most of the DVDs from the other various “Gurus” out there, but none helped me as much as these ones. It all just started to make total sense.

If you are a beginner trader and you want to sign up with Investors Underground I 100% recommend you get the DVDs as well, you will make the $$ back in a couple of trades seriously. What I really do like about the service is that everyone is very helpful. What I find quite unbelievable is that people this successful are all so happy to help. Don’t expect it to be handed to you though, if you are not having success with your trading then reach out to Nate via PM and ask for help. If you ask educated questions anyone in the community will help you. But if you are asking things like what a candlestick chart is I don’t think you should be trading just yet, I think you still need to do some more research.

As far as the chat goes, it’s a no BS chat. Everyone means business, and they don’t want any off topic chatter. Some people won’t like this, but you have to remember trading is a serious business. If you have a question then PM someone. The stockmarket is fast paced and hard enough without having to read through unnecessary posts about the weather haha. I only wish I could have found these guys sooner, I wasted a lot of time and money on other products that weren’t upto scratch. Like I said I spent 18 months studying before I came across these guys, that learning curve could of easily been cut down had I had the right tools.


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